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Domaine de la Janasse

Côtes du Rhône,

In the scenic landscapes of the Rhone Valley lies Domaine de la Janasse, a wine masterpiece that exemplifies excellence in every sip. With its roots in the Côtes du Rhône, this family-run domain infuses the spirit of France and its rich viticultural heritage in each of its creations.

Each vine of Domaine de la Janasse is treated with the utmost care to ensure that the resulting wines are a testament to the land, the climate, and the art of winemaking. Be it the harmonious symphony of flavours in their Grenache blends, or the delicate balance found in their aromatic whites, each bottle embarks on a journey unlike any other.

At Domaine de la Janasse, there is a harmonious balance between traditional methods and modern technologies. Old vineyard practices are nurtured and blended with modern viticultural techniques resulting in a splendid assortment of wines that champion the spirit of the Rhone Valley.

With every sip, one experiences not just the wine, but the soul of France – the warm laughter of vineyard harvests, the charm of the Provencal countryside, and the echoes of generations dedicated to crafting the most exquisite French wines.

Domaine de la Janasse is cordially inviting North Carolina wine connoisseurs to embark on this exquisite French wine experience through their NC wine distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.