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Domaine Claude Riffault

Loire Valley,

From the lush vineyards of Sancerre in the famed Loire Valley comes Domaine Claude Riffault, a beacon of viticulture excellence and tradition. With roots deeply embedded in the chalky clay soils of the Loire, the Riffault family has been tending to vineyards for many generations, producing wines that are a symphony of elegance and purity.

Borne out of a symbiotic relationship with the terroir, Domaine Claude Riffault’s wines possess an unmistakable character. Harnessing vines that sway across diverse plots of limestone, flint, and marl, each wine tower with its distinct personality. From the mineral-driven Les Boucauds to the intensely aromatic Les Chasseignes, each is a nuanced reflection of Sancerre’s best.

While Domaine Claude Riffault embraces the traditional viticulture practices of the Loire Valley, their wines are not beholden to history. The winemaking process, led today by Stéphane Riffault, introduces contemporary techniques to showcase the precision, balance, and vibrancy inherent in the fruit.

Each sip of a Riffault wine captures the essence of the Loire Valley – the crisp air, the limestone hills, the overwhelming sense of tranquility that permeates the land. It’s not just a glass of wine; it’s an expedition into the heart of Sancerre.

Domaine Claude Riffault’s exquisite offerings, available for North Carolina establishments through the Freedom Beverage Company, present an extraordinary opportunity to immerse your clientele in an authentic Loire Valley experience.