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Dialed In Wines


Forging a symphony of California’s unique terroir and the allure of undiscovered grape varieties, Dialed In Wines stands as a testament to innovation and passion in the realm of viticulture. As a producer, they champion the rich diversity of California’s wine-making landscape, crafting masterpieces that pay homage to the sunshine state’s vine-clad terrains.

Dialed In’s approach to winemaking weaves innovative techniques with a deep reverence for tradition. Their unique twist lies in the infusion of varietals such as Chenin Blanc and Vermentino to showcase California’s viticultural bounty beyond just Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. This daring approach results in wines that not only resonate with California’s terroir, but also carry a distinct, intriguing signature.

From the ripe fruitiness of their Red Blend to the citrusy brightness of their white wines, each bottle is a celebration of the balance between classic California charm and a playfully bold character. The wines invite you to experience the sunny vineyards, the salty Pacific breeze and the hard work of gentle hands patiently nurturing each vine.

More than just a producer, Dialed In Wines is a storyteller, interpreting California’s viticultural tale through each pour. They carefully dial in the essence of the land, the intrigue of unchartered grape prospects, and the spirit of California into their wines.

For North Carolina wine enthusiasts yearning for a taste of California’s distinct and diverse repertoire, Dialed In Wines are available through their North Carolina wine distributors, Freedom Beverage Company. Get ready to embark on a memorable Californian wine journey.