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Comando G


Emerging from the cool, rugged heights of the Sierra de Gredos in Madrid lies Comando G, a wine masterpiece advocating the revival of Garnacha. The winery’s unique name – Comando G – is inspired by the 80s animation series ‘G-Force’ and glorifies their devotion to this indigenous grape variety.

Comando G exudes a commitment to terroir and eco-friendly viticulture. The vineyards, with their granite-soil and ancient, bush-trained vines, are managed biodynamically. This low-intervention approach in both vineyard and cellar ensures in their wines a pure, concentrated expression of Garnacha.

Their wine portfolio is profound, from the beautiful lightness and floral notes in their La Bruja de Rozas to the complexity and mineral depth in their single-vineyard expressions like Rumbo al Norte and Tumba del Rey Moro. Each brings forth the distinctive character of their mountainous terroir infused with the subtle elegance of verdant Garnacha.

Comando G is a vibrant representation of Spanish viticulture – rooted in land, committed to heritage, yet forward-looking. Each bottle is not merely a wine, but a reflection of Spain’s wine-making values of authenticity and unison with nature.

North Carolina wine connoisseurs longing for a taste of Spain’s terroir-driven brilliance can find Comando G’s elegant expressions through Freedom Beverage Company.