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Chateau Simon


Enshrined within the charming landscapes of Bordeaux, France, proudly stands Chateau Simon, a revered name in the production of the world famous golden elixir, Sauternes wine. Tracing back its roots to the 19th century, Chateau Simon is a beacon of French viticulture, a testament to the time-honored art of winemaking.

At Chateau Simon, the dedication towards crafting cherished Sauternes is unwavering. Harnessing the unique microclimate and the noble mould, ‘Botrytis Cinerea’, this family-run estate transforms Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle grapes into liquid gold that gleams with complexity and sweetness.

Each bottle of Chateau Simon Sauternes is a celebration of their terroir. Its vibrancy, balanced acidity, and captivating botrytis kiss speak volumes about the nurturing Bordeaux sun, the mists of the Ciron, and the meticulous handling of the fruit.

More than just a dessert wine, a Chateau Simon Sauternes is an epicurean experience, the essence of French refinement, and an enchanting dance of flavors. Honoring tradition while evolving with modern requirements, Chateau Simon continues to charm wine lovers worldwide.

In North Carolina, establishments seeking a premium indulgence in French dessert wines can procure the esteemed Chateau Simon Sauternes through Freedom Beverage Company.