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Chateau Roc de Meynard


From the renowned wine region of Bordeaux, France, emerges Chateau Roc de Meynard, a winery that beautifully encapsulates the quintessential qualities of Bordeaux wines. Nestled amidst sprawling vineyards, Chateau Roc de Meynard is a beacon of tradition and modern viticultural innovation.

The strength of Chateau Roc de Meynard lies in their meticulous vine tending, ensuring each grape ripens to the fullest of its potential. With a dedication to maintaining the natural balance of the vineyard, their wines strike a harmonious chord of tradition and terroir. Whether it’s the deep, complex character of their Bordeaux Rouge or the elegant subtlety of their Bordeaux Blanc, each bottle crafted at Chateau Roc de Meynard is a testament to the rich tapestry of Bordeaux.

While steeped in tradition, Chateau Roc de Meynard is not averse to innovation. Their winemaking methods seamlessly blend time-tested Bordeaux techniques with modern practices to ensure the purest expression of each grape variety. It’s this marriage of old and new that allows their wines to echo the region’s heritage while appealing to the contemporary palate.

Chateau Roc de Meynard’s wines are not just beverages; they’re a sensory journey through the picturesque landscapes of Bordeaux. Each sip is a reflection of the region’s history, its climate, its terroir, and its unwavering dedication to viticulture.

For industry buyers in North Carolina seeking a true taste of Bordeaux, Chateau Roc de Meynard’s wines are available through their official distributor, the Freedom Beverage Company.