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Chateau Margaux


Chateau Margaux, a revered name hailing from the prestigious wine region of Bordeaux, France, epitomizes the pinnacle of winemaking excellence. A First Growth estate with a rich history stretching back to the 12th century, Chateau Margaux stands as a symbol of the timeless elegance and unyielding quality of Margaux wines.

The wines of Chateau Margaux are revered for their remarkable balance, finesse, and depth. Respecting the diversity of their terroir, the estate meticulously crafts each wine, whether it’s the illustrious Grand Vin or the enticing second label, Pavillon Rouge. The exceptional character of each bottle reflects the mastery of traditional vinification practices and innovative methods alike.

At Chateau Margaux, each vintage tells a story of the vineyard, the climate of the year, and the team’s dedication to harnessing nature’s offerings. Each sip resonates with the charm of the Margaux appellation, the lushness of the Bordeaux landscapes, and the generations of expertise that guide the estate’s winemaking heritage.

More than just a wine, Chateau Margaux represents a journey through history, a celebration of the land, and a homage to the art of winemaking. It is a testament to the unending pursuit of perfection and the sheer pleasure of enjoying a truly remarkable wine.

Industry partners in North Carolina seeking the epitome of Bordeaux excellence can ensure their wine list reflects the best of France by including Chateau Margaux’s acclaimed vintages, available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.