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Chateau de Sales


From the renowned wine region of Bordeaux, France, Chateau de Sales stands as a beacon of viticultural excellence. As the largest estate in Pomerol, this historic chateau boasts over five centuries of winemaking tradition, gracefully marrying the past with the present.

Chateau de Sales’ wines are a testament to the terroir of Pomerol. The vineyard’s unique soil composition, a blend of sand and gravel with an iron-rich subsoil, lends the wines their distinctive character. Whether it’s the complexity of their Merlot or the elegance of their Cabernet, each bottle encapsulates the essence of Bordeaux.

At Chateau de Sales, tradition is not just revered, it’s lived. The winemaking process, while benefiting from modern advancements, respects time-honored techniques. The result is wines that are a harmonious blend of power, finesse, and longevity.

More than just wine, Chateau de Sales represents the spirit of Bordeaux – the rhythm of the vineyard, the richness of the soil, and the shared passion for exceptional wines. Each bottle is a celebration of the region’s heritage and the enduring allure of its vineyards.

For North Carolina wine connoisseurs seeking an authentic Bordeaux experience, Chateau de Sales’ exquisite wines are available through Freedom Beverage Company.