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Chateau Belugue


From the heart of Fronsac, one of Bordeaux’s most esteemed wine regions, emerges Chateau Belugue, a beacon of French viticulture. This historic chateau, with its profound Bordeaux roots, is a testament to France’s rich winemaking tradition and a celebration of the Fronsac terroir.

The cornerstone of Chateau Belugue’s philosophy is the intimate connection with the land. Their vineyards benefit from a unique microclimate and varied soil composition, gifting their wines with a distinctive character. From the dark-fruit intensity of their Bordeaux Rouge to the elegant complexity of their Bordeaux Blanc, each wine is a tribute to the region’s diversity.

At Chateau Belugue, innovation and tradition are seamlessly woven. Modern viticulture techniques ensure the purity of their fruit, while time-honored vinification practices allow the wines to express the true essence of Fronsac. This perfect blend of old and new gives birth to wines that are true ambassadors for the Bordeaux region.

Chateau Belugue wines are more than mere beverages. They are the embodiment of French joie de vivre, the love for food and wine, and the spirit of Bordeaux. Each bottle is a journey to the verdant vineyards of Fronsac, a taste of the French way of life.

For those in North Carolina seeking to add a touch of French elegance to their wine list, Chateau Belugue’s exceptional collection is available through Freedom Beverage Company.