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Champagne Charles Mignon


Hailing from Epernay, the heart of Champagne, France, Champagne Charles Mignon stands as a symbol of French winemaking elegance. This family-run Champagne house, with its roots reaching into the 20th century, is an embodiment of passion, tradition, and sparkling sophistication.

Champagne Charles Mignon’s dedication to quality is showcased in their meticulous vinification process. Each Champagne is crafted from premier and grand cru vineyards, capturing the unique terroir of the Champagne region. From the bright, vivacious Brut Premium Reserve to the elegant, full-bodied Cuvee Billionaires, each sip echoes the house’s devotion to excellence.

Champagne Charles Mignon masterfully balances tradition and innovation. They apply modern techniques to extract the best from their grapes while preserving the time-honored traditions that have defined Champagne for centuries. This delicate balance brings forth bottles that radiate French elegance, while also offering exciting nuances for the contemporary palate.

More than just sparkling wine, each bottle of Champagne Charles Mignon is a celebration of the French art de vivre – the joy of shared moments, the elegance of a well-set table, and the exhilaration of a Champagne toast. It’s a sparkling journey through the idyllic vineyards of Epernay and the rich heritage of a family.

For wholesale buyers in North Carolina seeking to bring the effervescence of authentic French Champagne to their establishments, Champagne Charles Mignon is available through Freedom Beverage Company.