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Celler del Roure


From the ancient landscapes of Valencia, Spain, emerges Celler del Roure, a winery deeply rooted in tradition, passion, and innovation. This family-run winery, nestled amidst sun-drenched vineyards and centuries-old cellars, beautifully captures the essence of Spanish viticulture.

At the heart of Celler del Roure’s ethos is a profound respect for Valencia’s winemaking heritage. Each wine, from the vibrant Maduresa to the crisp Vermell, is meticulously crafted to reflect the unique terroir of the region. The winery’s devotion to traditional winemaking methods, including the use of indigenous grape varietals and centuries-old tinaja (clay amphora) aging, results in wines of remarkable depth, complexity, and authenticity.

However, Celler del Roure is not just about preserving tradition. With a keen focus on innovation, they continuously experiment with new techniques and varietals, thereby offering wines that are true to their roots yet appealing to the contemporary palate.

Every bottle from Celler del Roure is a testament to Valencia’s rich viticultural heritage, the warmth of the Spanish sun, the rhythm of its seasons, and the unyielding dedication of the winemakers. It’s a journey through time, a celebration of tradition, and a vibrant expression of the Spanish terroir.

In North Carolina, Celler del Roure’s exquisite selection of wines is available through their North Carolina wine distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. A sip of these remarkable wines offers a unique window into the heart of Valencia’s viticultural tradition.