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Castello di Bolgheri


Immersed in the vibrant landscapes of Tuscany, Italy, stands the majestic Castello di Bolgheri, a wine producer deeply woven into the tapestry of Italian wine tradition. A historic landmark where the synergy of nature and winemaking prowess generates creations of exquisite depth and character.

Castello di Bolgheri’s wines are a true reflection of their Tuscan setting. Each bottle is a harmonius blend of native grape varietals, judiciously nurtured, meticulously harvested, and skillfully transformed into wine. Whether it’s the intense aroma and opulent texture of their flagship Bolgheri Superiore or the balanced elegance of their Varvara, each wine speaks volumes about the region’s rich viticultural legacy.

Modern viticulture technologies juxtapose rich traditions at the Castello di Bolgheri. While the castle’s ancient cellars still lend their charm to the winemaking process, state-of-the-art techniques ensure a flawless expression of Bolgheri’s unique terroir in each bottle.

Drinking a Castello di Bolgheri wine is akin to a sensory exploration of Tuscany. The nuances of the Mediterranean climate, the character of the terra rossa soil, and the warmth of the sun-drenched hills – all find expression in every pour.

With their prestigious range available in North Carolina through Freedom Beverage Company, Castello di Bolgheri invites industry buyers to experience and share the artistry and enchantment of Tuscan winemaking.