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Deep in the sun-drenched landscapes of Yecla, Murcia in Spain, resides Bodegas Castaño, a family-operated winery echoing the unique viticultural heritage of this lesser-known wine region. Castaño has established itself as a beacon of Spanish wine excellence, seamlessly weaving together traditional winemaking practices with innovative techniques for over three generations.

The cornerstone of Castaño lies in its deep-rooted respect for native grape varieties, particularly Monastrell. The winery’s renowned vineyards home 80-year-old Monastrell vines, which contribute immensely to the robust, generously flavored red wines that have put Castaño on the international wine map.

It’s not just the vines that make Castaño exceptional. The winery has continuously pushed itself, pioneering the production of organic and single-vineyard wines within the region. This unyielding drive to innovate while honoring tradition yields wines that are vibrant, authentic, and unmistakably Yecla.

Castaño’s wines are a celebration of Murcia’s rich cultural history, sunshine-filled days, crisp nights, and distinctively pebbly soils. Each bottle offers a sensory journey into the heart of south-eastern Spain, making every sip an evocative experience.

For industry partners in North Carolina, the captivating wines of Castaño are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. Explore the richness and originality of Spanish terroir with Castaño – a treasure of Yecla.