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Southern Rhône,

Cascavel’s wines emerge from the sun-soaked landscapes of France’s Southern Rhône. It’s here among ancient vine-laced hillsides, that the traditions and terroir of the region are bottled into expressions of viticultural splendor.

At the heart of Cascavel’s winemaking philosophy lies the deep reverence for the soil and the unique climate of their vineyards. The amalgamation of Mistral winds, abundant sunshine, and varied soils results in wines that reflect the distinctiveness of the Southern Rhône.

Each bottle, whether it’s the Grenache-driven reds, floral and complex whites or the sublime rosés, is a testament to Cascavel’s commitment to capturing the expression of the land. Their meticulous approach encompasses everything, from a careful harvest of the fully ripe fruit to the thoughtful aging in French oak barrels.

Innovation is also in Cascavel’s DNA. By embracing modern winemaking techniques, yet remaining true to their regional roots, they craft wines that bridge the gap between the old and the new. This balance between tradition and innovation ensures that each Cascavel vintage appeals to both classic and contemporary palates.

Cascavel’s wines are more than just beverages – they are narratives of the Southern Rhône, its bountiful landscapes, its terroir, and the passionate hands that mold these elements into wine. They represent a French savoir-faire steeped in history yet continually evolving.

In North Carolina, Cascavel’s exquisite collection of Southern Rhône wines is available through Freedom Beverage Company. For those seeking the French art of winemaking, Cascavel is a journey waiting to be embarked upon.