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Cap Royal


From the prestigious vineyards of Bordeaux, France, emerges Cap Royal, a wine that encapsulates the region’s illustrious viticultural heritage. A true expression of Bordeaux terroir, Cap Royal offers elegantly structured wines that perfectly embody the refined art of French winemaking.

The wines from Cap Royal are a masterful blend of Bordeaux’s powerhouse varietals. The dominance of Merlot in their reds conveys the ripe, fruity depth of the region, while the bright, floral notes in their whites, predominantly Sauvignon Blanc, showcase the complexity and freshness Bordeaux is famed for.

Cap Royal follows a meticulous approach in viticulture and vinification, ensuring that each grape is nurtured to full maturation and every bottle boasts a harmonious blend of intense flavors and balanced acidity. Combined with aging in French oak, the wines exude an enveloping charm that is both complex and highly approachable.

A sip of Cap Royal isn’t just a tasting experience; it’s a journey through the Bordeaux landscape, encapsulating the region’s diversity and rich winemaking tradition. Cap Royal wines are as inviting as they are sophisticated, making them utterly compelling for both novice and experienced wine lovers alike.

In a constant pursuit to bring extraordinary wines to North Carolina, Freedom Beverage Company is proud to make the superb expressions of Bordeaux terroir from Cap Royal available to discerning industry buyers in the state.