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Cantina Sociale di Gattinara


Nestled within the pristine landscape of Gattinara in Piemonte, Italy, rests the Cantina Sociale di Gattinara, an emblem of timeless Italian winemaking tradition, coupled with the innovative spirit of the present. This collection introduces you to a tale spun from vines, passionately narrating stories of the rich, northern Italian terroir.

Steeped in history, Cantina Sociale di Gattinara embodies a dedication to preserving the uniqueness of the Gattinara region. Their wines are an authentic portrayal of the region’s microclimate and distinctive volcanic soils. Each vintage, whether the robust expressions of Nebbiolo or the bright effervescence of their sparkling wines, portrays the nuances of this unique terroir.

Cantina Sociale di Gattinara epitomizes a perfect blend of traditional and modern winemaking philosophies. While respecting centuries-old winemaking traditions, the cantina also embraces the opportunities of modern viticulture and oenology to meticulously craft wines of unparalleled quality and character.

A sip from a Cantina Sociale di Gattinara wine bottle transcends beyond the realm of flavors and aromas. It encapsulates the spirit of Gattinara, the charm of the Italian countryside, the rhythm of the vineyard seasons, and the passionate pursuit of winemaking perfection. It’s an Italian legacy captured in each bottle.

For North Carolina wine buyers looking to offer an authentic taste of northern Italy, the impressive portfolio of Cantina Sociale di Gattinara’s wines is available through the Freedom Beverage Company.