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CalStar Cellars

Northern California,

From the sun-drenched vineyards of Northern California, CalStar Cellars exudes an authentic expression of the region’s diverse terroirs. Established just at the turn of the 21st century, CalStar crafts wines that encapsulate the incredible viticultural prowess of this esteemed American wine paradise.

The heart of CalStar Cellars lies in its commitment to handcrafting small batches of stellar, terroir-driven wines. Whether it’s the indulgent richness of their Napa Valley Zinfandel or the subtle complexity of their Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, each wine tells a unique tale of its birthplace.

CalStar Cellars beautifully navigates the balance between tradition and innovation. Using time-honored winemaking techniques, the expression of each varietal is carefully nurtured, while embracing modern practices to fine-tune flavors and aromas. This approach leads to wines that are both reminiscent of their origins and strikingly innovative.

More than just a wine, each bottle from CalStar Cellars is an intimate exploration of Northern California’s viticultural mosaic – the rolling vineyards under the golden sun, the cool breezes from the Pacific, and the passion of a vibrant wine culture.

For any industry partner in North Carolina seeking to captivate their customers with the authentic Californian wine experience, CalStar Cellars offers an exceptional selection of artisanal wines available through Freedom Beverage Company.