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From the rolling hills and rich terroir of Tuscany, Cacciata invites you into the breathtaking world of Italian viticulture. This esteemed wine producer epitomizes the romantic essence of Italy, weaving stories of passion, tradition, and expertise into every bottle.

Cacciata’s wines are a testament to Tuscany’s grand vinicultural heritage. They are meticulously crafted, showcasing the region’s distinctive grape varietals such as Sangiovese and Vermentino. Whether it’s the assertive richness of their Chianti Classico or the elegant, mineral nuances of their Vermentino, each wine is an intimate portrait of Tuscany’s poetic landscapes and climate.

Yet, the magic of Cacciata extends beyond the vineyards. Artful winemaking techniques allow for the skillful balance between old-world charm and innovative practices. This harmonious blend ensures wines that are expressive, while retaining their authentic Tuscan character.

Experience the warmth of an Italian sunset, the rustic charm of a Tuscan hillside village, or the quietude of a lush vineyard with every sip. Cacciata’s wines are more than beverages – they are an escape into the compelling narrative of Italy.

Freedom Beverage Company proudly offers Cacciata’s wines to North Carolina industry buyers, providing a fantastic opportunity to incorporate the heart and soul of Tuscany into any wine lineup.