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From the breezy and verdant corners of Rías Baixas in Galicia, Spain, emerges Burgans, a boutique winery crafting uniquely expressive wines from the heart of the Albariño grape’s homeland. Burgans is an ode to Galicia’s maritime climate and mineral-rich soils; a tribute to Nature’s gift to viticulture.

Each bottle of Burgans Albariño encapsulates the very soul of Rías Baixas. Sourced from a selection of the finest vineyards, these wines deliver a symphony of stone fruit and citrus aromas layered with subtle floral undertones and a crisp, saline finish. The complexity and balance of their wines reflect the meticulous agronomy and precision-oriented vinification employed at Burgans.

Indeed, Burgans represents a harmonious marriage between tradition and innovation. While deeply rooted in the storied heritage of Galician winemaking, they implement modern techniques to enhance the inherent characteristics of the Albariño grape, resulting in wines that sing with vibrancy and charm.

Every glass of Burgans wine whispers tales of Galicia; of the Atlantic seabreezes caressing the vine-combed hillsides, of the cool misty mornings and sunlit afternoons, and of the rich, centuries-old viticultural tradition kept alive by passionate vignerons.

Freedom Beverage Company proudly presents the opportunity for North Carolina businesses to share in the mesmerizing story of Burgans, providing the gateway for consumers to discover the true essence of Spain’s Rías Baixas Albariño.