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Brady Vineyard


From the rolling hills of Paso Robles, California, comes Brady Vineyard, a winery that reflects the spirit of the American frontier. Combining a passion for the land with a dedication to quality, Brady Vineyard transforms the bounty of California into exceptional wines.

With a deep understanding of terroir, Brady Vineyard crafts wines that truly express their surroundings. With a focus on Bordeaux varietals, the vineyard delivers remarkable wines imbued with the character of the Paso Robles appellation. Whether it’s the complexity of their Cabernet Sauvignon or the silken richness of their Merlot, each wine is a distinct tribute to the region’s viticultural prowess.

Yet, what sets Brady Vineyard apart is not only its respect for tradition but its innovative spirit. Marrying old-world principles with new-world techniques, the vineyard is constantly exploring new ways to express the land through every bottle.

Each Brady wine tells the tale of Paso Robles: the blush of the setting sun, the rustle of vine leaves in the wind, the dedication of its people. It’s not just a glass of wine; it’s a journey through the Californian wine country.

Freedom Beverage Company, the official distributor in North Carolina, takes pride in introducing Brady Vineyard to the local market. For those establishments seeking to offer an authentic taste of the Californian terrain through world-class wines, consider the extraordinary portfolio of Brady Vineyard.