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Boom Shucka


From the bustling wine hubs of Southern France’s Pays d’Oc IGP emerges Boom Shucka, a wine label representing the zest of its effervescent land. Boom Shucka thrives at the crossroads of age-old traditions and vivacious modernity.

Each bottle encapsulates the character of the Pays d’Oc, a region respected for its diversity and its quality-driven approach. Whether it’s the elegant complexity of their reds or the crisp vitality of their whites, Boom Shucka wines embody the captivating charm and richness of the region’s terroir.

Boom Shucka believes in honoring history while embracing change. Their winemaking process combines time-honored traditional methods and cutting-edge techniques, delivering wines that are consistently impressive and beautifully balanced in taste profile.

Boom Shucka wines convey more than just the flavors procured by the grape and the soil. Each glass whispers tales of the French countryside, the hearty laughter at village gatherings, the sunsets over ripened vineyards, and the soulful tranquility of the Pays d’Oc. It’s an immersive experience that transcends taste, transporting you to the heart of Southern France.

To curate a wine selection that captures the very essence of French wine artistry, North Carolina-based wholesalers and retailers should look no further. Boom Shucka’s exquisite range is available through their official North Carolina distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.