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Bodegas Latúe

Castilla-La Mancha,

Encapsulating the viticultural richness of Spain’s central plateau, Bodegas Latúe prides itself as a beacon of Castilla-La Mancha’s winemaking tradition. Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of La Mancha, Bodegas Latúe is an embodiment of passion, heritage, and the quest for excellence.

Embracing the terroir of La Mancha, Bodegas Latúe crafts wines that convey the essence of their soils and climates. From the structured and robust Tempranillo to the delicate and floral Airén, each wine is a true testament to the region’s diverse viticultural character.

At Bodegas Latúe, there is a wholesome fusion of time-honored methods and innovative techniques. On one hand, there is an adherence to traditional winemaking, honoring the age-old legacy, while on the other, a curiosity for exploring contemporary wine expressions. This harmonious mélange of old and new reflects in wines that are both familiar and exciting.

More than a drink, Bodegas Latúe’s wines tell the story of Spain – the rhythms of flamenco, the warmth of the Iberian sun, the tranquility of La Mancha’s plains. Each bottle is a journey, a sip from Spain’s rich and diverse wine tapestry.

In North Carolina, Bodegas Latúe’s extensive range of Spanish wines are available for wholesale industry buyers through Freedom Beverage Company, inviting you to revel in the authentic taste of La Mancha.