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Bodegas Cuatro Rayas


From the expansive vineyards of Rueda, Spain, rises Bodegas Cuatro Rayas, an embodiment of an 80-year commitment to winemaking excellence. This cooperative winery, a true pioneer in the Rueda region, brings together the passion and expertise of over 300 winegrowers.

The secret of Bodegas Cuatro Rayas’ success lies in the meticulous nurturing of the Verdejo grape, the star of the Rueda region. Recognition for the winery’s crisp whites has extended far beyond Spain, making Verdejo synonymous with the fresh, vibrant wines of Rueda.

Yet, innovation thrives amidst tradition at Bodegas Cuatro Rayas. The winery continues to explore the vast potential of other varietals such as Viura, Sauvignon Blanc, and Tempranillo, offering a diverse portfolio of wines that are a perfect marriage of tradition and modernity.

Bodegas Cuatro Rayas weaves a rich tapestry of the region’s unique characteristics into every bottle. Each glass is a testament to the rolling landscapes of Rueda, the arid Spanish summers, the vineyard’s mineral-rich soils, and the community of passionate winegrowers that bring it all together.

For the North Carolina wine industry seeking a taste of Spanish viticulture, Bodegas Cuatro Rayas’ portfolio is available for distribution through Freedom Beverage Company, delivering an authentic taste of Rueda’s finest.