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Bodegas Campillo


Situated in the world-famous wine region of Rioja, Spain, Bodegas Campillo stands tall as a beacon of exceptional wine production. Esteemed for its unrivaled commitment to quality and tradition, Bodegas Campillo captures the spirit, flavors, and sophistication of Spanish winemaking.

Endowed with bountiful vineyards embracing the sun-kissed slopes of Rioja, Bodegas Campillo unfolds a symphony of remarkably cultivated wines. Each wine, from the full-bodied reds to the vibrant blancos, reflects sublime attention to detail and adherence to indigenous varietals that bring them to life.

Bodegas Campillo’s strength stems from its deep connection with the terroir. Harnessing the unique climatic conditions and rich soils of Rioja, the wines carry the region’s signature vibrancy, complexity, and timeless elegance. Each pour embodies the very essence of the Spanish landscapes from which it originates.

More than just producers, Bodegas Campillo is a storyteller, unwinding unfolding narratives of Spanish culture, tradition, and passion for viticulture with every bottle. It’s more than just a wine; it’s an interpretation of Spain’s lavish wine heritage.

Spanning across the Atlantic to the American shores, Bodegas Campillo’s fine range of wines are available to North Carolina’s finest establishments via Freedom Beverage Company, promising a captivating Spanish wine experience.