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Bauer Haus


From the verdant vineyards of Rheinhessen, Germany, emerges Bauer Haus, a wine producer that beautifully encapsulates the region’s rich viticultural heritage. Bauer Haus is more than just a wine label; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of German winemaking.

Each bottle from Bauer Haus tells a tale of the Rheinhessen terroir, a story of fertile soils, a temperate climate, and the meticulous cultivation of vineyards. Whether it’s the crisp, aromatic Riesling or the full-bodied, velvety Dornfelder, each wine is a reflection of the region’s unique character.

Bauer Haus wines resonate with the essence of Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine-growing region. Each sip transports the drinker to the rolling vineyards, under the gentle German sun, amidst the whispering vines. It’s a journey, an exploration, a symphony of flavors and aromas.

More than just beverages, Bauer Haus wines embody the German way of life – the joy of a shared meal, the passion for genuine ingredients, and the harmonious balance of tradition and innovation. Every bottle celebrates Germany’s profound love for viticulture and the stories woven through its vineyards.

For North Carolina establishments seeking a genuine German wine experience, Freedom Beverage Company is proud to offer Bauer Haus wines, providing an opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of Rheinhessen’s viticultural heritage.