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Banknote Wine Company


From the renowned vineyards of Sonoma County, California, emerges Banknote Wine Company, a symbol of American winemaking excellence. With a meticulous focus on crafting premium wines, Banknote Wine Company is an embodiment of passion, authenticity, and innovation.

The essence of Banknote Wine Company lies in its commitment to capturing the unique characteristics of each vineyard. By carefully selecting fruit from diverse, superior quality sites across Sonoma County, they create wines that are an expressive testament to the region’s terroir. From the rich, complex nuances of their Zinfandel to the vibrant, balanced notes of their Chardonnay, each bottle tells a captivating story of the Californian landscape.

Yet, Banknote Wine Company isn’t just about tradition; it’s equally about innovation. They blend old-world winemaking techniques with modern methods to produce wines that reflect the soul of Sonoma County while catering to contemporary tastes.

The wines of Banknote Wine Company aren’t just beverages; they are a sensory journey into the heart of Sonoma County. Each glass encapsulates the sunlit vineyards, the cool Pacific breezes, and the vibrant Californian spirit. It’s a celebration of the intricate relationship between the land, the vine, and the winemaker.

For wine buyers in North Carolina seeking a taste of Californian viticulture, Banknote Wine Company’s meticulously crafted wine selection is available through Freedom Beverage Company.