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Kiuchi Brewery

Naka Ibaraki,

From the heart of Japan in Naka, Ibaraki, Kiuchi Brewery stands as a beacon of Japanese beverage craftsmanship. A stalwart of the Japanese brewing scene since 1823, Kiuchi Brewery offers a sublime blend of tradition and innovation that’s steeped in centuries of expertise.

The dedication of Kiuchi Brewery to quality and authenticity is reflected in their carefully curated portfolio, ranging from sake to shochu to their internationally acclaimed Hitachino Nest beers. Each brew and beverage is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the purity and harmonic balance characteristic of Japanese traditions.

But Kiuchi Brewery is not solely defined by its history. In the spirit of innovation that modern brewing demands, the brewery fuses time-honored brewing methods with cutting-edge techniques. The result is an intriguing array of beverages that both honor their roots and resonate with the dynamic palate of the contemporary drinker.

Beyond the beverages, Kiuchi Brewery is a reflection of Japanese cultural ethos – the quiet respect for tradition, the pursuit of perfection, and the harmony of flavors. Each sip is like a journey through the Japanese landscape, echoing with the tranquility of Naka, the warmth of Ibaraki, and the heartbeat of Japan.

For those in North Carolina seeking an authentic taste of Japanese brewing artistry, Kiuchi Brewery’s premium portfolio is available through the Freedom Beverage Company. It promises an enriching exploration of a culture that views brewing as an art form, rather than just a process.