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Christian Drouin


From the verdant landscapes of Normandy, France, emerges Christian Drouin, a producer of exceptional Calvados and other beverages. This family-owned estate, with its roots in the 1960s, is a testament to the art of distillation, the richness of Normandy’s terroir, and the enduring allure of French craftsmanship.

Christian Drouin’s Calvados is a symphony of carefully selected apples, traditional distillation methods, and patient maturation. Each bottle is a reflection of the region’s unique microclimate and fertile soils, offering a harmonious blend of fruit, spice, and oak nuances. Beyond Calvados, their portfolio extends to other beverages, each carrying the signature Drouin quality and finesse.

At the heart of Christian Drouin’s philosophy is a deep respect for nature and heritage. By nurturing their orchards with organic practices and adhering to time-honored distillation techniques, they ensure that every sip resonates with the true spirit of Normandy.

More than just beverages, Christian Drouin’s offerings are a celebration of French culture, the tranquility of Normandy’s orchards, and the shared joy of a well-crafted drink. Each bottle is a journey, a story, a testament to the Drouin family’s passion for their craft.

For North Carolina industry partners seeking to enrich their offerings with the flavors of Normandy, Christian Drouin’s exceptional beverages are available through Freedom Beverage Company.