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Birreria Baladin


From the charming village of Piozzo, Italy, emerges Birreria Baladin, a beacon of artisanal beverage craftsmanship. Founded in 1986, Baladin has evolved from a small brewpub into a renowned producer of beverages that are a testament to Italian creativity and passion.

Baladin’s offerings are as diverse as they are distinctive. From their meticulously crafted beers, each with its own personality, to their innovative non-alcoholic creations like soft drinks and teas, Baladin is a celebration of quality ingredients and masterful blending. The result is an array of beverages that are both original and deeply rooted in Italian tradition.

At the heart of Baladin is a commitment to sustainability and local sourcing. This ethos is reflected in every beverage, from the hoppy notes of their IPAs to the subtle complexities of their artisanal soft drinks. Each sip is a nod to the rich, fertile soils of Piozzo and the dedication of the artisans who call it home.

Baladin is more than just a producer of beverages; it’s a story of Italian ingenuity, a commitment to community, and a celebration of the simple joy of savoring a well-crafted drink. It’s about capturing the spirit of Italy in every bottle and sharing it with the world.

For North Carolina industry partners seeking to offer their customers a unique taste of Italy, Birreria Baladin’s diverse range of beverages is available through Freedom Beverage Company.