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Chaucer’s Cellars


Emerging from the viticultural heartland of California, Chaucer’s Cellars represents an intriguing deviation from traditional winemaking, specializing in the ancient and enchanting libation of mead. With a rich history dating back to the 1960s, Chaucer’s Cellars has firmly established its place in the realm of innovative beverage craftmanship.

Chaucer’s Cellars’ meads are a harmonious blend of tradition and creativity. Employing time-honored techniques, each mead is crafted from 100% pure honey. The result is a range of meads brimming with diverse flavor compositions, from the fragrant and sweet traditional mead to the lusciously fruity raspberry mead.

A defiant challenger to conventionality, Chaucer’s Cellars merges the old and the new by introducing novel flavors and techniques to their emblematic mead making process. This harmonious marriage of the past and present leads to meads that captivate the senses and offer an intriguing tasting experience.

Each sip of Chaucer’s meads, however, is not just a taste expedition. It’s a journey through California’s rich apiaries and an ode to the age-old mead making traditions. It’s about celebrating the heritage, the land, and the ingenious spirit of Chaucer’s Cellars.

For all industry buyers in North Carolina seeking to introduce their clientele to the fascinating world of mead, Chaucer’s Cellars’ unique portfolio is available through Freedom Beverage Company. With Chaucer’s Cellars, every glass is a story, a celebration, and a reinvention of tradition.