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Gurutzeta Cidre House


From the vibrant heart of Astigarraga, Spain, hails the esteemed Gurutzeta Cidre House, a beacon of traditional cider-making. With strong roots in a region renowned for cider production, Gurutzeta beautifully merges age-old traditions with a pursuit of complexity and balance in every bottle.

Gurutzeta takes pride in its commitment to natural cider-making processes. With generations of expertise, the cidery crafts each bottle with hand-picked apples, which are carefully fermented using indigenous yeasts. The result is a cider with a lively, refreshing acidity and a bouquet of complex apple flavors.

Yet, the process is not Gurutzeta’s only distinct attribute. Their ciders, with their intriguing, rustic charm, capture the spirit of Astigarraga. Every sip is a journey through blooming apple orchards and bustling cider houses, with a taste that encapsulates the region’s deep-rooted love for cider.

The cidery also honours the Basque tradition of “Txotx”, a communal experience of tasting cider straight from the barrel. This commitment to cultural heritage is mirrored in their cider, resonating with authenticity, shared joy and the old-world charm of Spanish cider-making.

For cider enthusiasts and industry buyers in North Carolina, Gurutzeta’s traditional Spanish ciders bring an opportunity to explore a rich, unique flavor profile. Each bottle can be procured through Freedom Beverage Company, making it a seamless journey from the Basque country to the American South.