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Galipette Cidre


Galipette Cidre, the emblem of Brittany’s cider heritage, serves as the golden bridge between age-old traditions and contemporary palates. Crafted in the apple-rich landscapes of Brittany, France, Galipette Cidre embodies the authenticity and passion of this historic cider-making region.

At the heart of Galipette Cidre lies a dedication to quality and authenticity. Made purely from 100% fermented apple juice, without concentrate or added sugars, Galipette’s ciders stand out for their unadulterated apple character. From the refreshing and lively Galipette Brut to the smooth, naturally sweet Galipette Biologique, each cider is a true celebration of Brittany’s apples.

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword at Galipette; it’s a key ingredient in their ciders. By harnessing modern fermentation techniques while honoring traditional brewing practices, Galipette crafts ciders that sparkle with freshness, vibrancy, and complexity.

When you sip a Galipette Cidre, you taste the crisp Brittany air, the sun-dappled orchards, the vibrant local festivals, and the cider-maker’s unwavering passion. Each bottle is a tribute to a region, a tradition, and the delightful dance of apples in a cider press.

For cider enthusiasts in North Carolina, Galipette Cidre’s range promises a revitalizing taste of Brittany. These remarkable ciders are available for purchase through the Freedom Beverage Company.