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Whiner Beer Company

Chicago, IL,

Emerging from the heart of Chicago, Whiner Beer Company shines as a beacon of creativity and environmental consciousness in the craft beer landscape. Founded with the vision of melding innovative brewing methods with sustainability, this beer company stands as the marriage of flavor, quality, and responsibility.

Whiner Beer Company pays homage to the classic Belgian and French brewing styles, yet adds a distinctive twist that sets it apart. By committing to the art of barrel aging and sour fermenting, Whiner creates beers that carry an unique depth and complexity. From the rich Le Tub Wild Farmhouse Ale to the fruity Rubrique-a-Brac Bière de Garde, each brew presents a unique taste experience.

Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of Whiner’s philosophy. Their brewery is housed within The Plant, a net-zero energy business incubator in Chicago, emphasizing their commitment to a closed loop of energy and material reuse. It’s not just about the beer, it’s about harmonizing brewing with responsibility.

Whiner’s beers are more than just a beverage – they are a testament to their commitment to the environment, the Chicago community, and the relentless pursuit of brewing excellence. With every sip, one is witnessing a vision, a mission, and a journey towards a sustainable brewing future.

For North Carolina establishments looking to provide their consumers a taste of innovative, sustainable, and flavorful craft beer, Whiner Beer Company products are proudly distributed through Freedom Beverage Company.