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The Orkney Brewery

Orkney Islands,

From the windswept Orkney Islands off the Northern tip of Scotland, comes a true gem of Celtic brewing tradition, The Orkney Brewery. Established amidst this landscape of rugged beauty and ancient lore, the brewery intertwines the untamed character of its surroundings with a steadfast dedication to craft beer excellence.

The Orkney Brewery stands testament to the notion that place matters. They draw inspiration from their ancient surroundings, infusing the spirit of Orkney into every brew. Whether it’s the toasty notes of their Dark Island Ale, or the crisp, citrusy tones of their Northern Light, Orkney’s beers are an evocative tribute to the Scottish heritage.

At the Brewery, the focus is on quality, not quantity. Each beer is the result of careful crafting, executed with rigour, patience and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards. This approach results in beers that shine for their complexity, balance and distinctive character.

The Orkney Brewery’s offerings are not just about refreshment, they are a journey – a voyage across tumultuous seas, echoing tales of Viking lore and whispering the secrets of Scotland’s farthest reaches. Each sip encapsulates the spirit of the Orkneys, inviting the drinker to explore its rough-hewn charm.

With availability in North Carolina through the Freedom Beverage Company, establishments looking to offer their patrons a taste of Scotland’s rugged north can turn to Orkney Brewery’s unique and enchanting brews.