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From the historic heart of Salzburg, Austria, hails Stiegl, a legendary brewery that embodies the art of Austrian beer-making. Stiegl’s tale is an exposition of centuries of brewing mastery, starting in 1492 and strengthening with each passing year.

Stiegl’s expertise is grounded in its fidelity to authenticity and unswerving dedication to quality. By adhering to traditional brewing methods, each beer is an exquisite fusion of pure alpine water, carefully selected grains, and the finest hops. This commitment shines through in their diverse portfolio, from the refreshing Goldbräu Lager to the specialty Paracelsus Zwickl, each a testimony to Stiegl’s brewing prowess.

However, Stiegl doesn’t rest solely on its laurels. The brewery is a beehive of innovation, where tradition greets modernity, resulting in an exciting array of beverages that simultaneously respect Austrian heritage and embrace the contemporary palate.

A sip of Stiegl is a toast to Austria’s vibrant culture and rich brewing history. Each pint carries echoes of Salzburg’s pristine Alps, the bustling charm of its squares, and the hearty cheer of its beer halls. It’s a celebration of a country, its people, and their enduring love for beer.

In North Carolina, establishments seeking to offer an authentic taste of Austrian brewing tradition can find Stiegl’s acclaimed beers through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.