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Hailing from the vibrant city of Cologne, Germany, Reissdorf Brewery stands as a remarkable testament to the country’s rich beer-making tradition. Since its inception in 1894, Reissdorf has woven a compelling tale of artisanal mastery, heritage, and dedication to quality.

Reissdorf’s acclaimed offerings revolve around the traditional German beer style, Kölsch. Brewed with utmost precision, each batch captures the unique crispness, subtle fruitiness, and delicate hop aroma characteristic of the Kölsch style. It is this commitment to authenticity that ensures every glass of Reissdorf Kölsch is a tribute to the beer-loving spirit of Cologne.

This is not to say that tradition stifles innovation at Reissdorf. On the contrary, the brewery consistently blends time-honored brewing techniques with modern approaches to create a beer that appeals to both classic and contemporary palates. The result is a beverage that celebrates its roots while also resonating with the global beer community.

Experiencing a Reissdorf brew is not just about appreciating a well-crafted beer; it’s about immersing in Germany’s lively culture. Each sip echoes the carillon of Cologne Cathedral, the festive buzz of the city’s squares, and the hearty laughter in its traditional beer halls.

Freedom Beverage Company proudly brings Reissdorf’s remarkable portfolio to North Carolina, inviting buyers to explore the authentic taste of Cologne through every meticulously brewed bottle.