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Otter Creek Brewing

Middlebury, VT,

Established at the epicenter of Vermont’s craft beer revolution, Middlebury, is Otter Creek Brewing. Born in 1991, this brewery is a testament to American brewing ingenuity and represents a vibrant fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and Vermont’s spirited brewing culture.

At the heart of Otter Creek Brewing lies a constant pursuit for quality, mirrored in the meticulous selection of locally sourced ingredients. The brewery’s commitment to authentic brewing methods shines through in their diverse portfolio of beers – from the classic Vermont Lager, with its smooth hops balance, to the bold Backseat Berner IPA, full of tropical hoppiness.

However, Otter Creek doesn’t rest on its laurels. It has a bold penchant for innovation, regularly exploring and expanding its beer offerings. Seasonal specialties, such as the Free Flow IPA or the Drip Drop Coffee Stout stand as a testament to the creativity that thrives within Otter Creek’s brewhouse walls.

More than just beer, Otter Creek epitomizes the spirit of Vermont – its verdant landscapes, its passion for craft, and its undeniable aura of tranquility. Each pint is a celebration of the region’s love for beer and a nod to the vibrant, ever-evolving brewing culture.

For those in North Carolina eager to provide their patrons with an authentic taste of Vermont craft beer, Otter Creek’s offerings are available through Freedom Beverage Company, their North Carolina beer distributor.