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Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores Brewing

Oxford, CT,

Emerging from the scenic landscapes of Oxford, Connecticut, in the heartland of America, we introduce Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores (OEC) Brewing. More than just a brewing house, OEC creates a lively fusion of art and science, crafting beers that push the boundaries of tradition and creativity.

OEC Brewing’s enigmatic name, translating to The Order of Eccentric Boilers, encapsulates their unique approach to brewing. Using a complex assortment of wild yeasts and bacteria, and a carefully executed aging process in oak barrels, OEC brews are imaginative expressions sure to captivate the most discerning of beer lovers.

Exclusively using their in-house yeast and spontaneous fermentation, OEC’s beers carry a signature quirk, a wild streak that tantalizes and intrigines. From the signature Tempus series of blended and aged sour ales to the exotic Novo series of creative experimentations, the beers are each a symphony of unexpected and delightful interplays of flavors.

But OEC Brewing’s work is not just about brewing great beer. It’s about fostering a community around traditional brewing methods, focusing on the revival of ancient styles and techniques. It’s about sharing their passion with every bottle opened, every toast made, every sip savored.

To all industry partners in North Carolina, embark on an intriguing journey of brewing eccentricities with Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores’ unique craft beers, made accessible through Freedom Beverage Company. It’s more than just crafted beer, it’s an experience.