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Nicaragua Craft Beer


Rising from the spirited realm of Central American brew culture is the Nicaragua Craft Beer Company. Founded in 2013, this pioneering brewery has been reshaping the beer landscape of Nicaragua, blending traditional brewing techniques with innovative flair.

The beers of Nicaragua Craft Beer Co. carry the very spirit of their land, resonating with the vibrant hues of its stunning landscapes and diverse cultural character. Using local ingredients, they offer a refreshing range of artisanal beers that evoke the tropical essence of Nicaragua.

The flagship brew, Pitaya Pale Ale, is a unique blend of American hops and Nicaraguan pitaya fruit distinctly embodying the vibrant tropical essence of the region. The Cerveza Santana, a robust brown ale, is another standout, with its rich malty flavor profile and hints of chocolate and coffee.

But these craft masters are not just about breathing new life into Nicaragua’s beer scene. Each pint represents a slice of Nicaraguan life, from bustling marketplaces to serene coastal sunsets. It’s a story told in hops and malt, a celebration of a nation and its rejuvenated passion for craft brewing.

For North Carolina beverage industry participants desiring a tropical spin on classic brews, Nicaragua Craft Beer Co. offers an exciting and diverse portfolio. Available through Freedom Beverage Company, these beers provide North Carolina with a flavorful sampling of Central American brew culture.