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Moody Tongue

Chicago, IL,

From the heart of the Windy City, Chicago, comes Moody Tongue Brewery – a testament to America’s vibrant craft beer culture. Founded by acclaimed brewmaster Jared Rouben, Moody Tongue combines the artistry of culinary brewing with the innovation of American craft beer.

Moody Tongue’s brewing philosophy centres on sourcing high-quality ingredients for their ‘culinary brewing’ style. Each brew, whether it’s the refreshing Sliced Nectarine IPA or the indulgent Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter, is an exhibition of the marriage between brewing and culinary arts.

Expanding the boundaries of traditional brewing, Moody Tongue adds a gourmet twist to their beers. Each sip reveals a sophisticated layering of flavors, showcasing a refined palate and a passion for culinary artistry. The result is beers that stimulate and satiate, leaving the drinker yearning for another taste.

More than just brewing, Moody Tongue embodies the spirit of Chicago – a city known for its fervour for food and drink. It’s a celebration of craftsmanship, the pursuit of quality, and the beauty of taking time to savour a finely crafted beer.

For North Carolina establishments wishing to offer an elevated beer experience, Moody Tongue’s distinctive brews are available through the esteemed distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.