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Lao Brewing Company


From the vibrant capital city of Vientiane, Laos, arises the Lao Brewing Company, a testament to the rich brewing heritage and contemporary vision of the region. Since its inception in 1973, Lao Brewing Company has strived to bring world-class beer to the forefront of the Laotian beverage scene.

At the heart of Lao Brewing Company’s mission is a commitment to excellence. Using only the finest ingredients, including locally sourced rice and pristine mountain water, the company crafts brews that are both uniquely Laotian and universally appealing. Their flagship Beerlao, a premium lager, has achieved acclaim for its balanced flavor and smooth drinkability.

Lao Brewing Company isn’t confined to tradition, though. Its portfolio includes the refreshing Beerlao Wheat, brewed with locally grown lemongrass, and the robust Beerlao Dark, a testament to the versatility and innovation ingrained in their brewing ethos.

Every bottle from Lao Brewing Company captures the spirit of Laos – the vibrant hum of Vientiane streets, the tranquil Mekong sunsets, and the shared stories over a chilled pint. It’s a celebration of Laotian heritage, modernity, and the nation’s burgeoning love for beer.

For North Carolina establishments seeking to introduce customers to the unique flavors of Laotian beer, Lao Brewing Company’s acclaimed brews are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.