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Lambiek Fabriek


From the heart of Belgium, a country renowned for its brewing heritage, emerges Lambiek Fabriek, a brewery deeply rooted in tradition yet infused with a spirit of innovation. Lambiek Fabriek captures the authentic soul of Belgian lambic beer.

The cornerstone of Lambiek Fabriek’s craft is its commitment to natural fermentation. The brewers harness the wild yeasts and bacteria native to the senne valley to ferment their beers, resulting in a unique complexity and depth of flavor that is the signature of true lambic beer.

From the earthy, tart base of the traditional ‘Oude Lambiek’ to the subtly sweet and fruit-forward ‘Frambozen Brett-Elle’, Lambiek Fabriek showcases a spectrum of flavors that pay homage to the diversity of Belgian beer culture. Each bottle is a token of Lambiek Fabriek’s dedication to quality, authenticity, and passion.

However, Lambiek Fabriek is not bound by tradition alone. The brewery believes in the continuous evolution of its craft, experimenting with different fermentation techniques, fruit additions, and aging processes to create beers that are both familiar and refreshingly new.

For establishments in North Carolina wishing to introduce their clientele to an authentic Belgian lambic experience, Lambiek Fabriek’s exquisite line of beers is available through Freedom Beverage, their beer distributors in North Carolina.