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Klosterbrauerei Ettale


From the historic landscapes of Bavaria, Germany, arises Klosterbrauerei Ettal, a brewery steeped in monastic tradition and brewing mastery. Founded in 1609 by the Benedictine monks, Klosterbrauerei Ettal represents over 400 years of dedication to craft beer perfection.

At the heart of Klosterbrauerei Ettal is an unwavering commitment to quality and tradition. Crafted in the monastery’s own brewhouse, each beer is a testament to the Benedictine ethos of self-sufficiency and meticulous craftsmanship. From the robust Dunkel to the crisp Helles, Klosterbrauerei Ettal’s beers are a harmonious blend of purity, tradition, and Bavarian character.

The brewery’s commitment to innovation is equally impressive. By integrating modern brewing techniques while respecting age-old recipes, Klosterbrauerei Ettal continuously offers beers that captivate the palate while paying homage to its monastic heritage.

Each sip of Klosterbrauerei Ettal’s beer is a celebration of Bavarian culture, the tranquil beauty of the Ettal Abbey, and the shared camaraderie of beer lovers. It’s an authentic taste of Bavaria, served in a frosted glass.

In North Carolina, the esteemed brews of Klosterbrauerei Ettal are available through Freedom Beverage Company, providing an opportunity to savor the rich tradition and flavor of monastic German beers.