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Heretic Brewing Company


Emerging from the vibrant craft beer scene of California, Heretic Brewing Company stands as a beacon of innovation and quality. Established in 2010, Heretic has been pushing the boundaries of brewing, creating beers that are as daring as they are delicious.

Heretic’s philosophy is simple: brew what you love, and the rest will follow. This passion is evident in their diverse range of beers, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. From the bold, hop-forward Evil Cousin Double IPA to the rich, complex Shallow Grave Porter, Heretic’s brews are a testament to their commitment to quality and flavor.

But it’s not just about the classics. Heretic is known for their experimental brews, challenging the status quo and introducing beer lovers to new and exciting flavor profiles. Their award-winning Chocolate Hazelnut Porter and the fruity, spicy Evil Twin Red IPA are just a few examples of their innovative spirit.

More than just a brewery, Heretic is a celebration of the craft beer culture. Each pint encapsulates the creativity, camaraderie, and passion that define the craft beer community. It’s about breaking the rules, taking risks, and above all, enjoying great beer.

For North Carolina establishments looking to offer their customers a taste of California’s craft beer revolution, Heretic’s exceptional brews are available through Freedom Beverage Company.