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Harviestoun Brewery


Emerging from the heart of Clackmannanshire, Scotland, is Harviestoun Brewery, a name that seamlessly merges Scottish tradition with craft beer innovation. Established in 1983, this award-winning brewery tells a tale of passion, meticulous craftsmanship, and a love for the art of brewing.

The magic of Harviestoun lies in its commitment to quality and authenticity. By sourcing the finest locally grown barley and hops, and harnessing the crystal-clear waters of the Harviestoun hills, they create beers that are both distinctive and refreshingly Scottish. From the lively charm of their Bitter & Twisted ale to the smoky richness of their Old Engine Oil porter, each brew encapsulates a unique narrative.

Yet, tradition at Harviestoun is complemented by constant innovation. The brewery’s age-old brewing expertise is blended with cutting-edge techniques, resulting in beers that pay homage to Scottish heritage while pushing the boundaries of modern brewing.

Harviestoun beers are not merely beverages, they’re the embodiment of the Scottish spirit. Each sip conjures images of the rugged beauty of the Highlands, the bustling energy of Glasgow’s streets, and the warm camaraderie of a Scottish pub. It’s a celebration of a nation and its historic love for great beer.

To bring this authentic taste of Scotland to North Carolina, Freedom Beverage Company is proud to distribute Harviestoun Brewery’s acclaimed beer range. An opportunity to share a truly Scottish beer experience awaits interested industry buyers.