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Harvey’s Brewery


From the charming town of Lewes, England, Harvey’s Brewery emerges, a symbol of British brewing heritage and expertise. Established in 1790, Harvey’s is a bearer of the traditional British brewing culture, blending centuries-old methods with a commitment to quality.

Harvey’s true strength lies in its adherence to traditional brewing values. Using the purest local ingredients, including water drawn from the brewery’s own well, each beer is a testament to Harvey’s unwavering quest for excellence. From its flagship Sussex Best Bitter to the robust Imperial Extra Double Stout, Harvey’s offers an array of beers that capture the quintessential spirit of English ale.

Yet, despite its rich history, Harvey’s is not one to bask in past glories. As firm believers in innovation, they constantly explore new brewing techniques and hop varieties, ensuring their beers remain relevant and exciting to both traditional and modern beer enthusiasts alike.

Enjoying a pint of Harvey’s beer is akin to a journey through the picturesque South Downs, the laughter-filled pubs of Lewes, and the annual bonfire celebrations the town is renowned for. It’s a tangible touch of English tradition in every glass.

If you’re an industry buyer in North Carolina seeking to offer your patrons a classic British beer experience, Harvey’s Brewery is a must-have for your portfolio. Freedom Beverage Company is proud to bring Harvey’s rich brewing legacy to North Carolina.