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Goodwood Brewing

Louisville, Kentucky,

From the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, rises Goodwood Brewing, a bastion of American craft beer, steeped in tradition and inspired by the spirit of the Bluegrass State. Founded on the principle that what’s good for bourbon is good for beer, Goodwood Brewing embodies the vibrant culture and enduring traditions of Kentucky.

The key to Goodwood’s exceptional quality lies in its unique maturation process. Using wood, limestone water, and the best ingredients gathered from across the globe, their hand-crafted beers are touching wood at every stage of the brewing process. This includes signature offerings like the Louisville Lager, aged on white ash, or the Bourbon Barrel Stout, matured in freshly decanted bourbon barrels.

But Goodwood’s expertise extends beyond bourbon-aged beers. Their range showcases an impressive array of styles, from conventional IPAs to complex sours and refreshing fruit beers. Their ingenious fusion of traditional methods with modern tastes continually pushes the boundaries, setting new standards in the craft beer scene.

Goodwood is more than just a brewery; it is a celebration of Kentucky’s vibrant culture. Every sip is a testament to the Bluegrass State’s storied bourbon heritage and the time-honored tradition of crafting beer with an unwavering dedication to quality and flavor.

For craft beer enthusiasts seeking beer distributors in North Carolina, Goodwood’s remarkable range of beers is available through their NC beer distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. Here’s your chance to experience the taste of genuine Kentucky craftsmanship in every pour.