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Fulton Brewing


From the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, emerges Fulton Brewing, a beacon of American craft beer innovation. Founded in 2009, Fulton Brewing has quickly made a name for itself, combining traditional brewing techniques with a distinctly modern approach.

Fulton’s beers are a testament to their commitment to quality, using only the finest ingredients. From the crisp, refreshing Lonely Blonde Ale to the robust, full-bodied Worthy Adversary Russian Imperial Stout, each brew is a unique expression of Fulton’s passion and creativity.

But Fulton’s range is not limited to the classics. Their Garage Series showcases the brewery’s innovative spirit, featuring experimental brews that push the boundaries of what beer can be. It’s a rotating selection that keeps beer enthusiasts eagerly anticipating what’s next.

More than just a brewery, Fulton is a reflection of Minnesota’s vibrant culture and community spirit. Each pint echoes with the hum of bustling Minneapolis streets, the cheers of a packed baseball stadium, and the camaraderie of friends gathered around a bonfire. It’s a celebration of a city, its people, and their shared love for great beer.

For industry buyers in North Carolina looking to offer an authentic taste of Minnesota’s craft beer scene, Fulton Brewing’s diverse range is available through Freedom Beverage Company.