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Ecliptic Brewing

Portland, OR,

Ecliptic Brewing, situated in the buzzing heart of Portland, Oregon, represents a harmonious fusion of two passions: brewing and astronomy. Named in honor of the yearly journey of the Sun across the heavens, Ecliptic celebrates both the celestial and the terrestrial through highly-crafted beers.

The creative force behind Ecliptic is none other than John Harris, a master brewer with more than three decades of experience. Combining the wisdom of the old guard with the innovative spirit of the new beer frontiers, Ecliptic’s portfolio is a testament to Harris’s brewing craftmanship. Be it the citrusy hops profile of Starburst IPA or the smooth malts of Capella Porter, each beer is a voyage of flavor.

Yet, Ecliptic Brewing is not just about producing great beer. It’s about creating a community centered around the appreciation of beer and the wonders of our universe. The brewery’s rotating seasonal menu, inspired by the Earth’s astronomical journey, reflects this philosophy.

Ecliptic Brewing goes beyond just being a beverage. It’s a celebration of our place in the cosmos, encapsulating the spirit of exploration, discovery, and wonder. Each beer is a shared experience, a conversation between brewer and drinker, bound by the common passion for craft and cosmos.

For beer enthusiasts in North Carolina, Ecliptic Brewing’s stellar creations are available for exploration through Freedom Beverage Company.