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De Dolle Brouwers


Deep within the heart of Belgium’s famed brewing region lies De Dolle Brouwers, a charmingly idiosyncratic brewery that encapsulates the country’s rich beer culture. Founded in 1980, De Dolle Brouwers, or ‘The Mad Brewers’, is a unique establishment that combines traditional brewing methods with a touch of whimsical creativity.

Committed to crafting artisanal beers, De Dolle Brouwers use the finest natural ingredients, including their own yeast strain, giving each beer a distinctive flavor profile. Their varied roster, from the robust Oerbier to the complex Arabier, displays a remarkable balance and depth that speak to the brewery’s dedication to quality and originality.

Despite its whimsical name, De Dolle Brouwers takes the art of brewing seriously. Careful fermentation and attentive ageing result in beers that bear an unmistakable Belgian character, yet with a unique twist that sets them apart. It’s a testament to their ceaseless pursuit of brewing excellence.

Drinking De Dolle Brouwers’ beer is a journey through the Belgian beer landscape, imbued with the camaraderie of a local pub, the charm of the Flemish countryside, and the intense passion of the brewers. Each bottle is a celebration of Belgian brewing heritage infused with a spirit of innovation.

For North Carolina establishments seeking an authentic and innovative Belgian beer experience, De Dolle Brouwers’ handcrafted beers are available through Freedom Beverage Company.